Tax Preparer Penalty Appeals

Zealous Legal Representation for Tax Preparer Penalty Appeals

Under IRC § 6694 and 6695, a tax preparer can be held responsible for errors on a tax return. These penalties can be costly, and if you’re a tax preparer and have been notified of a penalty, it is imperative that you obtain experienced legal representation as soon as possible.

Even the most seasoned of tax preparers can make mistakes, and the most common issues related to tax preparer penalties are those dealing with Earned Income Credit. In order to claim Earned Income Credit, very specific records are necessary, and many tax preparers do not have these records at the time of filing. Although most tax preparers who are saddled with a penalty do not intend to commit tax fraud, the IRS differentiates little between an honest mistake and fraud.


Appealing Audit Results or a Tax Preparer Penalty

If you have been notified that you will be audited or owe a penalty for a mistake made on a tax return you completed, you do have legal options available to you.



Being audited by the IRS is a frightening prospect, especially if you are a tax preparer. However, with adequate legal representation, you can navigate smoothly through the audit process and increase the chances that the audit results will be favorable for you. At Rebeck Law, P.C., attorney Chelsea Rebeck has assisted numerous tax preparers through each stage of getting audited and can provide you with the same high quality expertise and legal help.

If you have already been audited and the results of your audit are unfavorable to you, there is an option to appeal the IRS’ decision. Attorney Rebeck can assist you in appealing the audit and can negotiate with the IRS on your behalf.


Tax Preparer Penalties

Don’t wait to get legal help after being notified that you owe a tax preparer penalty. You may have the option to appeal the decision to impose a penalty, and often, tax preparers can get these penalties lifted with the help of an experienced Michigan tax lawyer. Attorney Chelsea Rebeck can provide you with the legal representation and resources you need to face accusations of tax mistakes or fraud with confidence.

In the case of an audit or a penalty, Attorney Rebeck can provide you with zealous legal representation in court when negotiations fail to achieve the desired result. She will work hard to obtain the critical evidence needed to present your case in the best light possible in tax court.


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As a tax preparer, audits and penalties can be severely damaging both financially and to your reputation. Don’t wait to act after being notified of an audit or that you will incur a tax preparer penalty to obtain strong legal representation. Rebeck Law, P.C. can provide you the zealous legal assistance necessary to help you overcome the matters at hand.


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