Tax Court

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Dealing with taxes can be overwhelming, especially if you own a business. Many people in Michigan are faced with more tax than they can pay, creating a great deal of stress and frustration. Failure to pay your taxes on time or at all can result in significant consequences, including even more fines. If you have been notified by the IRS that you owe taxes and you are unable to reach a settlement agreement, you may need to appear in tax court. This can be a frightening prospect, however, with adequate legal representation, you can face tax matters with confidence.


Tax Court Can Be Beneficial to Your Case

Frequently, people assume that going to tax court is automatically a negative, however, depending on the situation you are in, it may actually be beneficial to your case. Tax court allows you to dispute the amount of tax the IRS says you owe before you pay it. This means that if you disagree with the IRS’ findings regarding your taxes, tax court will provide you the opportunity to meet with an IRS representative in a judicial setting and present evidence to show that you may owe a different amount.


Audit Assistance

Getting audited by the IRS is something that no one wants to go through, but can happen from time to time. You may be asked to submit to a personal audit, or if you are a business owner, it may be your business taxes that are audited. Personal tax audits and business tax audits differ significantly, and it’s important to understand how an audit is conducted and what your next steps should be. At Rebeck Law, P.C., attorney Chelsea Rebeck offers comprehensive audit assistance to clients who are being investigated by the IRS. She can help guide you through the process of being audited and can help you better know what to expect at each stage.


Audit Appeals

While some audits are resolved quickly and without unexpected costs, other audits are quite surprising and leave many people with much greater tax bills than they expected. If the IRS has closed your audit and has suggested that you owe even more tax, you do have legal options available to you. Appealing the results of your audit should be your first step after receiving unfavorable results, and Attorney Rebeck is a skilled tax law attorney who can help you. The IRS often makes mistakes during audits, which can cause tax to be overestimated, and she may be able to help you spot these mistakes and reduce your tax bill as a result. Contact Rebeck Law, P.C. Today to Discuss Your Tax Court Needs Disputing your tax in court or going through the process of being audited does not have to be overwhelming or seem like an impossible task. Chelsea Rebeck is a zealous attorney who thoroughly understands tax law and how it applies to your case, and can assist you in ensuring that the tax you pay is reasonable and properly calculated.


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